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OpenEI Projects are focused efforts to improve some piece of OpenEI. Each effort is coordinated via one or more project pages within the "OpenEI:" wiki namespace. Anyone is free to participate in any projects. If you'd like to start an OpenEI Project, simply create a new project page and link to it in the "Active Projects" section below. OpenEI Projects are largely based on the concept of Wikiprojects in Wikipedia.

Active Projects

  • Motion Charts - describes how OpenEI admins can create widgets for motion charts
  • Geographic Pages - developing perfect "place energy profile" pages in OpenEI.
  • Images - collecting energy-related images in the OpenEI wiki.
  • Public Resources - identifying energy datasets and other digital resources that are already public and could be made available in OpenEI.
  • Search Engine Optimization - improving OpenEI site traffic and impact through the application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Tools Metadata - merging Form:Tool with Form:Community Energy Tools.
  • Frontpage Work - overhaul of the OpenEI front page.
  • Datasets Improvements - reviewing and improving Datasets purpose, functionality, and "experience"
  • Datasets Patterns - Reviewing patterns that arise through dataset contribution, and planning for future meetings
  • Data Access - evaluating ways to make it as easy as possible to import (and refresh) OpenEI data within spreadsheets (e.g. Excel)
  • Improvements: Oil and Gas useful references for building up an oil and gas gateway
  • Defining Namespaces space for discussion about establishing better definitions of Properties and Categories in OpenEI
  • Definitions - dedicated to expanding definitions for energy technology and energy-related topics
  • NREL Partnerships - information about NREL partnerships (for creating the map)