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Want to reference OpenEI in a document, presentation, or give attribution from your site? The images, links and guidelines below will help you.


Preferred Images

Please use one of the following images for the OpenEI logo and its variants. The right-most column has white variants that will show up on dark backgrounds.

OpenEI logo horizontal name 1 color.png OpenEI logo horizontal name black.png OpenEI logo horizontal name full color.png OpenEI logo horizontal name white.png OpenEI logo preferred 1 color.png OpenEI logo preferred black.png OpenEI logo preferred full color.png OpenEI logo preferred white.png OpenEI logo vertical name 1 color.png OpenEI logo vertical name black.png OpenEI logo vertical name full color.png OpenEI logo vertical name white.png

If you are using OpenEI web services or data, the following text and images are a simple way to give attribution to OpenEI. These images are in PNG format have rounded, transparent bottom corners. Please use the image code, which also links to OpenEI in a new browser tab. Please note: using the following link ensures that if the image is moved on OpenEI the image won't break on the external website.


Powered by OpenEI 80x80.png

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Powered by OpenEI" /></a>

Powered by OpenEI 136x40.png

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Powered by OpenEI" /></a>

Powered by OpenEI 169x42.png

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Powered by OpenEI" /></a>

Powered by OpenEI 196x49.png

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Powered by OpenEI" /></a>

Alternatively, this text may be used: "Powered by"

Example Attribution Text

When crediting OpenEI with a particular piece of content, data, or service, please use one of the following:

  • Powered by OpenEI
  • Provided by OpenEI

Preferred Link (to Homepage)

Preferred Link to Homepage With Campaign Tracking

  • This link tracks a click from the Powered by OpenEI image to OpenEI's homepage. Replace source with the site you are linking from.
  • This example link is the same as before, but is used to track 'Powered by OpenEI' clicks from our white labeled content sites.

Preferred Email Signature Link

Help share OpenEI with the world! Include a link to OpenEI in your email signature.

  • Link to OpenEI frontpage:
  • Link to OpenEI datasets:
  • Link to OpenEI apps:

Success Stories

The following are examples of active OpenEI users, organizations that rely heavily upon OpenEI data, or groups who have in some other way played a key role in the success of OpenEI:


Reegle logo.png
reegle Country Profiles are currently pulling renewable resource maps, tools and programs from OpenEI country pages. Additionally, hundreds of definitions from the Openei Glossary have been shared with the reegle Thesaurus.


For OpenEI, cooperation with REEEP (the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, and organization behind reegle) means seamless access to important information, less duplication of effort, opportunities for joint ventures, collaboration on cutting-edge development projects, and a partnership that has already resulted in a measured increase in both funding opportunities and the number of visitors to our mutual sites.

Green Button

OpenEI is the recognized go-to site for Green Button Apps. The catalog contains apps from contests like the Apps for Energy Challenge as well as apps submitted directly to OpenEI by developers and organizations. OpenEI has also helped with the promotion of the Green Button initiative by providing content such as the participation map to the White House.

CKB Group

CKB Logo.jpg
The Climate Knowledge Brokers Group is an emerging alliance of around 50 of the leading global, regional and national websites specialising in climate and development information. Their focus is on primarily online initiatives, and those that play an explicit knowledge brokerage role, rather than being simply institutional websites. OpenEI is proud to be home to the CKB Group portal, and an activate participant on their strategic direction panel.

NREL's BEopt software

Beopt logo no text.png
NREL’s Building Energy optimization (BEopt) software evaluates residential building designs and identifies cost-optimal efficiency packages at various levels of whole-house energy savings along the path to zero net energy. BEopt now uses OpenEI’s utility rate database to make thousands of residential utility tariffs available directly in the BEopt user interface. Accounting for more complex time-of-use and tiered rates is essential to identification of cost-optimal packages of efficiency measures and solar PV generation.

Congressional Briefings

EERE Legislative Affairs routinely uses OpenEI as a source of information on congressional districts and energy-related companies when preparing briefings for key US decision makers.