From Open Energy Information

Organizing the world's energy information is a big goal. We all need to pitch in to achieve it. Fortunately, there are many ways to contribute. Below, we list a few of our ideas.

Contributing wiki content

Improving existing articles

Whenever you see an opportunity to make a page better, please do so. Just click on the "Edit" link (or the "Edit with form" link, when available) and start typing. To see a list of pages which have been flagged as needing work, check the Articles with outstanding TODO tasks and Stubs categories.

Adding new articles

  • Use the Special:AddPage page to create a new page using one of our existing forms.
  • Use the OpenEI:Requested Pages page to find topics which have been explicitly identified as candidates for new pages.
  • Use the Special:WantedPages page to find pages which have been referenced in existing articles, but not yet been created themselves.

Publicizing the project


Do you have a blog? If so, we'd love to have you write about our project there.

Or you could just mention our project via comments on some other blog (as long as it's on-topic). Some candidates might be:

Social bookmarks

Do you use Delicious, Diigo or Google Bookmarks? Or a similar service? If so, please bookmark one or more of our pages there.

Social networks

Do you use LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter? Or a similar service? If so, please use these outlets to mention our project.

Online forums

Local groups

Editing parties

Do you know people that would contribute to OpenEI, if only they were more comfortable with using the Wiki? Then host an editing party.

Generating information leads

Do you know of something which should be covered in OpenEI, but don't have time to create a new Wiki page for it yourself? Submit it via our lead tracking tool.