Omnibus Energy Bill of 2013 (Maine)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

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Name Omnibus Energy Bill of 2013 (Maine)
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Policy Type Climate Policies, Generating Facility Rate-Making, Green Power Purchasing, Interconnection, Line Extension Analysis, Loan Program, Public Benefits Fund, Renewables Portfolio Standards and Goals, Siting and Permitting, Solar/Wind Access Policy
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas, Energy Storage, Geothermal Electric, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Tidal Energy, Wave Energy, Wind energy
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An Act To Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Energy Efficiency, Promote Electric System Reliability and Protect the Environment became law on July 2, 2013. This act, also known as the 2013 Maine Omnibus Energy bill, consists of eight parts (see below) covering the energy landscape on topics, including the cost of electricity and natural gas in Maine, ocean energy, greenhouse gases, energy efficiency, home heating, municipal street lights, review of transmission line proposals, and rate relief. A total of 63 Titles and Sections of State Statues were added or amended.

PART A - Increases funds for efficiency and conservation generated from Energy Infrastructure Corridors and improves energy efficiency, reduces heating costs, and provides targeted rate relief.

PART B - Seeks to lower electricity and natural gas costs by eliminating the $200 million “energy tax” that Mainers currently pay for natural gas and electricity.

PART C - Improves controls over the cost of electricity transmission, and provides a more thorough review of Non-Transmission Alternatives (“NTAs”).

PART D - Updates the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and seeks to promote fuel-switching.

PART E - Introduces competition into municipal street lighting.

PART F - Requires the Public Utilities Commission to help cut energy costs.

PART G - Expands utility heat pump programs.

PART H - Ensures funding and allows expansion of ocean energy options.

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Authority 1: LD 1559
Date Enacted 2013-07-02