Ohio Coal Research and Development Program (Ohio)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

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Place Ohio

Applies to States or Provinces Ohio
Name Ohio Coal Research and Development Program (Ohio)
Policy Category Financial Incentive
Policy Type Grant Program
Affected Technologies Coal with CCS
Active Policy Yes
Implementing Sector State/Province

Funding Source Ohio Development Services Agency

Program Administrator Ohio Coal Development Office
Primary Website http://www.development.ohio.gov/bs/bs_ohiocoaldev.htm

Last Review 2014-09-15


The Ohio Coal Development Office invests in the development and implementation of technologies that can use Ohio's vast reserves of coal in an economical, environmentally sound manner. Projects are identified through public solicitations and may include technologies that improve combustion efficiencies, remove various pollutants from emissions, develop productive uses for the by-products of combustion, and investigate new uses for coal as a feedstock. The aggregate principal amount of money borrowed, bonds and other obligations issued by the state for this program is not to exceed $100 million. Eligible applicants include: municipal, rural, investor-owned utilities, nonprofit, and for-profit entities doing business in Ohio or an education or scientific institution located in Ohio.

Ohio Coal Research Consortium – Provides grants to research institutions studying mechanisms critical to emissions formation and methods of control, or for uses of coal as a feedstock for other processes. This includes fundamental research, development and inquiry that enable the conversion or use of Ohio coal as a fuel or chemical feedstock in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Ohio Coal Demonstration and Pilot – Issues grants involving utility power producers, clean coal technology developers, research and development firms and universities directed toward the discovery of new technologies or the demonstration or application of existing technologies that enables the conversion or use of Ohio coal as a fuel or chemical feedstock in an environmentally acceptable manner. Up to three demonstration installations utilizing a specific technology are allowable.

Policy Contact

Department Ohio Development Services Agency
Address 77 South High Street
Address 2 P.O. Box 1001
Place Columbus, Ohio
Zip/Postal Code 43216
Phone 800-282-0880
Phone 2 800-848-1300

Website http://www.development.ohio.gov/bs/bs_ohiocoaldev.htm

Authorities (Please contact the if there are any file problems.)

Authority 1: Ohio Coal Development Office, The Ohio Coal Research and Development Program
Date Effective 2013