Numerical Modeling At Coso Geothermal Area (1997)

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Exploration Activity: Numerical Modeling At Coso Geothermal Area (1997)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Coso Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Numerical Modeling
Activity Date 1997
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Develop tool to identify low velocity zones by modeling fault-zone guided waves of microearthquakes
A numerical method has been employed to simulate the guided-wave propagation from microearthquakes through the fault zone. By comparing observed and synthetic waveforms the fault-zone width and its P-wave and S-wave velocity structure have been estimated. It is suggested that the identification and modeling of guided waves is an effective tool to locate fracture-induced, low-velocity fault-zone structures in geothermal fields.


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