Northern Nevada Geothermal Exploration Strategy Analysis

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Journal Article: Northern Nevada Geothermal Exploration Strategy Analysis

The results of exploration techniques applied to geothermal resource investigations in northern Nevada were evaluated and rated by seven investigators involved in the work. A quantitative rating scheme was used to obtain estimates of technique effectiveness. From survey cost information we also obtained and compared cost-effectiveness estimates for the various techniques. Effectiveness estimates were used to develop an exploration strategy for the area. However, because no deep confirmatory drilling has been done yet, the technique evaluations and exploration strategy must be considered as preliminary. The strategy was further studied by means of a decision tree analysis, merging the strategy with the timing of land acquisition and deep drilling to find the scenario that gives the highest cost-effectiveness values for drilling sucess, overall project success, and maximum expected returns on exploration investment. Based on assumed probabilities we show through this exercise that land acquisition should be deferred until after the basic detail-phase exploration is completed. The cost effectiveness of the initial confirmatory drill hole will be a maximum when land acquisition is followed by a supplemental detailphase program, but this approach does not lead to the highest expected return on investment.

N. E. Goldstein

Published Journal 
Publisher Not Provided, 1977

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N. E. Goldstein. 1977. Northern Nevada Geothermal Exploration Strategy Analysis. . (!) .

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