North Dakota Public Service Commission

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The North Dakota Public Service Commission is a constitutional agency with varying degrees of statutory authority over:

  • Electric and Gas Utilities;
  • Telecommunications Companies;
  • Energy Plant and Transmission Sitings;
  • Railroads;
  • Grain Elevators;
  • Auctioneers and Auction Clerks;
  • Weighing and Measuring Devices;
  • Pipeline Safety;
  • Coal Mine Reclamation and Abandoned Mine Lands; and
  • Damage Prevention

The Commission is comprised of three Commissioners who are elected on a statewide basis to staggered six-year terms. The Public Service Commission fulfills its statutory mandates by protecting the public interest and regulating utilities, mining companies, and licensees in a fair, efficient, responsive, and cooperative manner. The Commission's goal is to assure that, utility customers receive reliable and safe service at reasonable and just rates, mined coal lands are reclaimed to provide a safe and productive environment now and in the future, and license and permit holders and operators of commercial weighing and measuring devices operate in a safe and fair manner.


Compliance Director

(701) 328-4097