NorthWestern Energy (Electric) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Montana)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

Financial Incentive Program

Place Montana

Name NorthWestern Energy (Electric) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Montana)
Incentive Type Utility Rebate Program
Applicable Sector Agricultural, Commercial, Construction, Industrial
Eligible Technologies Agricultural Equipment, Building Insulation, Caulking/Weather-stripping, Central Air conditioners, Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building, Custom/Others pending approval, Duct/Air sealing, Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls, Heat pumps, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Motor VFDs, Motors, Processing and Manufacturing Equipment, Programmable Thermostats, Water Heaters, Commercial Cooking Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Food Service Equipment, Cooling Tower, Copiers, Fax, Printers, Scanners, Water Cooler, Building Controls, Energy Management System Optimization
Active Incentive Yes
Implementing Sector Utility
Energy Category Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs
Amount Dishwasher: $400/unit

Water Cooler: $1/unit
Copier: $80
Printer: $10
Fax: $1
Server: $1,200
Office Computer Network Energy Management Software: $6
Server Virtualization: $75
PC Power Supply 80+:$0.50
Server (Early Retirement): $50
Scanner: $1
Hot Food Holding Cabinet: $725
Chillers: $20-$60/ton
Cooling Tower: $1.25-$10/ton
Pipe Insulation: $1.50/ln. ft.
Fluorescent Lamps: $1 - $12/lamp
Fluorescent Fixtures: $2 - $15
LED Exit Sign: $15
High Efficiency Lighting Fixtures/Design: $0.05-$0.40/sq. ft.
Photocell: $40
LED Landscape Lighting: $0.20/Watt saved
Time Clock Controls: $0.01/Watt controlled
Lighting Occupancy Sensors: $0.10 - $0.15/Watt controlled
Daylighting Controls: $0.30/sq. ft.
Other Lighting Lamps and Fixtures: $1-$12/unit
Other Lighting Improvements (as approved): Varies
Pumps: $70-$100
Variable Speed Drives: $100
Motors: $13 - $600 depending on HP and efficiency rating
Motor Rewind Program: $40 - $500 depending on HP and RPM
EMS Optimization: $500
Water Heater Tank Insulation: $35
Griddle: $4/KBtu/hr
Refrigeration Equipment: $1-$240/unit
Duct Insulation: $1-$1.75/sq. ft.
Building Insulation: $0.30/sq. ft.
Caulking and Weatherstripping $0.10/sq. ft.
Windows: $3.50/sq. ft.
Ventilation: $450-$2500
Electric Heat: Varies
Irrigation/Agricultural: Varies
Controls and Programmable Thermostat: $0.10-$0.14/sq. ft.

Equipment Requirements Varies by product, see application forms

Funding Source Electric default supply rates for its default supply customers.

Maximum Incentive Lighting: Rebates will not be provided for lamps or fixtures placed in stock in excess of 5% of installed equipment


References Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency[1]


NorthWestern Energy offers multiple rebate programs for commercial and industrial customers to make energy efficient improvements to their businesses. This includes lighting, heating, irrigators, insulation, VFDs, refrigeration, air conditioning, appliances, and water heating incentives. Equipment requirements and specific rebate amounts can be found on the program web site.

The E+ Commercial Lighting Rebate Program offers rebates for the removal of old, less efficient lighting products which are replaced with high efficiency technologies. The program is primarily for retrofit projects. Specialized lighting application projects in new construction will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Program specifications can be found in the rebate application form.

The E+ Premium Efficiency Motor Rebate Program offers commercial and industrial customers incentives for motor retrofits or new construction. Motor purchases placed in stock are not eligible for this rebate. A chart of the rebate amounts can be found on the motor rebate application form. The application must be received by NorthWestern Energy within 90 days of motor purchase. NorthWestern Energy also provides a Motor Rewind Rebate Program to help customers reduce electricity costs when rewinding existing electric motors. Motors between 20 horsepower (HP) and 500 HP with a standard motor design (such as NEMA Premium and Epact), rewound by qualified Green Motors Practice Group members, will qualify for this rebate.

Incentive Contact

Contact Name NorthWestern Energy
Department Commercial Rebate Program
Address PO Box 1167
Address 2 Helena, Montana
Zip/Postal Code 59624
Phone (800) 823-5995
Fax (800) 823-5885

  • Incentive and policy data are reviewed and approved by the N.C. Solar Center's DSIRE project staff.[1]


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