New Zealand-Climate Change Effects and Impacts Assessment

From Open Energy Information

"This Guidance Manual:

  • provides projections of future climate change around New Zealand
  • compares these projections with present climate extremes and variations
  • identifies potential effects on local government functions and services
  • outlines methods for assessing the likely magnitude of such effects
  • explains how this information can be applied to assess the risk associated with various climate change impacts
  • provides guidance on incorporating climate risk assessment into local government regulatory, assessment and planning processes.

Most users of this Guidance Manual will concentrate on the parts that help them fulfil their own responsibilities. To help users find the information relevant to their needs, the manual provides two ‘roadmaps’ (pages xvii–xviii), that set out the steps involved in typical assessments and show where to find key guidance for these steps."


  1.  "Climate Change Effects and Impacts Assessment: A Guidance Manual for Local Government in New Zealand"