New Methods In Exploration At The Socorro Peak Kgra- A Gred Iii Project

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Conference Paper: New Methods In Exploration At The Socorro Peak Kgra- A Gred Iii Project

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is investigating a Known Geothermal Resource Area in Socorro NM in attempts at locating a low temperature (65-100 °C) geothermal reservoir for direct-use heating on campus. The KGRA is positioned near the Socorro Peak mountain block, a Basin and Range normal-fault terrain superimposed by an Oligocene caldera margin. Preexisting evidence of this geothermal resource includes heat gradients upwards of 490mW/m2 from thermal-gradient wells, tepid spring waters (32 °C) and silica geochemistry indicating thermal waters with a minimum of 82°C at depth. Geochemical, geophysical and remote sensing methods have been employed inorder to locate a drilling location with maximum access to the volume and temperatures needed to supply a binary heat exchange. Selective ion soil geochemistry surveys using Enzyme leachTM and Terrasol leachTM indicates a substantial geochemical reservoir below the alluvial basin in the rangefront near Socorro Peak. In addition, these geochemical signatures correspond with anomalous thermal gradients located along the caldera margin trending NW-SE through M-mountain as well as blind faults projected through the alluvial fan. IR remote sensing has also located elevated surface temperatures (<12 °C above background) near Socorro Peak. All current data along with preexisting hydrologic models indicate upwelling thermal waters and most likely the presence of a deep reservoir capped by a Tertiary aquitard to the east of mountain block. Additional geochemical and geophysical data, including magneto-telluric and soil-gas surveys are pending.

Lara Owens, Richard Baars, David Norman and Harold Tobin

GRC, 2005

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Lara Owens,Richard Baars,David Norman,Harold Tobin. 2005. New Methods In Exploration At The Socorro Peak Kgra- A Gred Iii Project. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)

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