New Geothermometers For Carbonate-Evaporite Geothermal Reservoirs

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Journal Article: New Geothermometers For Carbonate-Evaporite Geothermal Reservoirs

Two new Ca/Mg and SO4/F geothermometers specific for carbonate-evaporite geothermal reservoirs are proposed. General considerations on waters interacting with such rocks suggest that Ca2+, Mg2+, CO2-3, SO2-4, F- and SiO2 are compatible components of the pertinent thermodynamic system and, therefore, their activities are fixed by five solid phases at equilibrium conditions. Geothermometric elaboration is based on the assumption that the five solid phases are represented by pure calcite, dolomite, anhydrite, fluorite and an SiO2 mineral, e.g. quartz or chalcedony or amorphous silica. Pressure and ion association effects are not taken into consideration. Preliminary applications both to thermal waters and geothermal wells are promising. These new geothermometers could be widely used in the geothermal exploration of areas with carbonate-evaporite reservoirs, such as the two main geothermal fields of Italy, Larderello and Mt. Amiata. Further calibration by experimental studies and additional data from geothermal boreholes is needed, however, to test the practical reliability of the new geothermometers.

L. Marini, G. Chiodini and R. Cioni

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1986



L. Marini,G. Chiodini,R. Cioni. 1986. New Geothermometers For Carbonate-Evaporite Geothermal Reservoirs. Geothermics. (!) .