Nevada State Environmental Commission

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The State Environmental Commission (SEC) is an eleven member quasi-judicial and quasi- legislative board that operates under the authority of Nevada Revised Statute. The SEC acts on regulatory "Petitions" proposed by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). These Petitions (i.e., proposed regulations) are initiated to further define existing state law (Nevada Revised Statutes) and/or new laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature.

Regulatory Petitions may address new or revised environmental standards, mandatory adoptions of certain federal regulations, approval of new expanded and/or reduced permitting fees, incorporation of federally required plans, and other functions necessary for the proper execution of state laws.

The SEC also hears and decides contested cases through appeals of final decisions issued by NDEP. Appeals address final decision by NDEP such as compliance with permit requirements and related enforcement actions. The SEC may also consider variance requests is selected program areas administrated by NDEP as well as ratify air pollution enforcement actions (settlement agreements).

Nevada State Environmental Commission is an organization based in Carson City, Nevada.


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