Nepal-Sectoral Climate Impacts Economic Assessment

From Open Energy Information

CDKN is providing support to the GoN through a number of projects to design and deliver climate compatible development (CCD) plans and policies. To implement its 2011 Climate Change Policy and to support the climate change and development policy-making process in general, the GoN has identified the need for economic impact assessments of climate change on key sectors in Nepal.

CDKN is therefore supporting the GoN to quantify the economic impact of climate change on key sectors and rank according to their economic efficiency climate compatible development policy options. The economic impact assessments will strengthen the evidence base for CCD policy-making in Nepal. They will allow the Government to prioritize their interventions as well as make the case for increased investment in CCD.

The GoN has identified three the following key objectives for the impact assessments:

  • To assess the economic impact of climate change under a BAU scenario in the medium and long term on the key sectors of the economy to showcase the need for action.
  • To analyse the costs and benefits of various climate compatible development policy options on the key sectors of the economy to inform sectoral policies and programmes.
  • To identify, where appropriate, geographical variances in the economic impact of climate change, and the costs and benefits of policy options, to inform appropriate policy measures at the local level.
  • To engage and work with the relevant ministries and local officials to carry out these assessments in a participatory fashion and to identify the implications from the reports and the required follow-up activities.
  • To disseminate and raise awareness of the findings of the assessments at the local, national and international level.


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