Navy Geothermal Program

From Open Energy Information

Navy Geothermal Program is an organization based in China Lake, CA.

The Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO) is the Department of Defense’s lead organization for the exploration, development, and management of geothermal resources on military controlled land, worldwide. The Department of Defense (DOD) established the GPO in 1978, and designated the Navy as the lead agency for geothermal exploration and development on military lands.

In 2009, the new Secretary of the Navy challenged groups like the Navy GPO to develop any potential renewable resources on Navy ground as quickly as possible. His requirement was that by the year 2020, renewable resources meet 50% of all energy needs on Navy shore facilities.

The desire to develop renewable resources on military installations is now a DOD wide goal. As DOD currently manages approximately 32 million acres of ground in the United States alone, the potential for the development of all renewable energies is very high.

The assumption at the GPO is that there are many small to medium-sized geothermal systems currently unidentified. Rigorously and systematically applying all available tools for the exploration and discovery of more geothermal systems on DOD-managed lands is the GPO main goal.


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