Navigating Transport NAMAs

From Open Energy Information

We want to shed light in the debate about NAMAs and encourage policy-makers in their efforts to enhance sustainable transport measures. The handbook 'Navigating Transport NAMAs' contains relevant information for developing and implementing a mitigation action in the transport sector. We continuously re-evaluate our work in order to provide up-to-date information; the handbook is currently under revision and will exhibit the latest case-studies, recent lessons learned and include cross-references from our partners.

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This tool is included in the Transportation Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.

When to Use This Tool

While building a low emission strategy for your country's transportation system, this tool is most useful during these key phases of the process:

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How to Use This Tool

This tool is most helpful when using these strategies:

  • Avoid - Cut the need for travel
  • Shift - Change to low-carbon modes
  • Improve - Enhance infrastructure & policies

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