National and Sectoral GHG Mitigation Potential: A Comparison Across Models

From Open Energy Information


"This paper focuses on mitigation potential to provide a comparative assessment across key economies. GHG mitigation potential is defined here to be the level of GHG emission reductions that could be realised, relative to the projected emission baseline in a given year, for a given carbon price. Estimates of GHG mitigation potential projected in the future can be obtained via models. These estimates vary depending on the type of model employed and on the parameters and underlying assumptions used. This comparative analysis of model results aims to:

  • Identify areas of agreement in results across different models;
  • Enhance understanding of what is driving any differences in results; and
  • Indicate possible gaps and areas for improvement in data or modelling analysis.

Overall, such a comparative analysis can enhance transparency and contribute to a better informed climate change policy-making process."


  1.  "National and Sectoral GHG Mitigation Potential: A Comparison Across Models"