National Programme for the Promotion of Solar Energy

From Open Energy Information

Program Overview

Chile is successfully promoting the introduction of renewable energies to the electricity market. In a short span of time, feeding renewably generated electricity into the grid – mainly from wind and mini-hydropower sources – has gained growing importance for the country’s security of supply and climate policy. Nonetheless, little use is made as yet of solar energy in its various fields of application, despite Chile’s excellent potential. The goal is to develop a national programme to promote solar energy. In addition to the direct use of solar heat for hot water production, solar power generation from photovoltaic installations and solar thermal power plants will be promoted and expanded. Policy advice and capacity building will improve the conditions for utilising solar energy and will help to establish new markets for low-carbon energy technologies in the solar sector.


  1.  "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)"