National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)

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Organization Overview[edit]

"National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) was launched in March 1974 as Japan's central organization for environmental pollution research. In July 1990, NIES was totally reorganized in order to tackle a wider range of research demands, including global and natural environment issues.

Researcher's specialities cover a vast range of disciplines, including basic science, engineering, agricultural science, medical science, pharmacology, fisheries science, law and economics. NIES takes an interdisciplinary approach to research, with participation of researchers both from Japan and overseas.

Comprehensive research projects are carried out using large-scale facilities, combining field research with laboratory work. Since April 2001 NIES has operated as an independent administrative institution, i.e. it is no longer a purely governmental organization."

The NIES charter states that "The National Institute for Environmental Studies strives to contribute through research that fosters and protects a healthy environment for present and future generations. Proud to work at NIES and keenly aware of our individual responsibilities, we will pursue high level research based on a firm understanding of the interaction between nature, society, and life on the planet."


 "National Institute for Environmental Studies"