National Environmental Research Institute

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The National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), located in Roskilde, Denmark, is a research institution through Aarhus University. NERI is involved in developing and disseminating information relevant to the protection of Denmark's environment and natural resources.[2] NERI tasks include:

  • Research - Research and development into specific environmental problems and long-term strategic research
  • Monitoring - Monitoring the effectiveness of policy measures, and an overview of developments
  • Consultancy - To serve as a scientific advisor to the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Climate and Energy, the Mineral Resources Administration for Greenland, and other organizations.
  • Researcher Training - Further educating Ph.D. students, students engaged in dissertation preparation, research professorships, external lectureships, courses, etc.
  • Dissemination of Information - Using numerous channels, most notably the NERI website, to disseminate scientific papers and information.[2]


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