NAMA Tool: Steps for Moving a NAMA from Idea Towards Implementation

From Open Energy Information


"The NAMA-Tool provides developers and implementers of NAMA with brief step-by-step instructions on how to develop a NAMA. The tool navigates users to the relevant information, knowledge, instruments, and publications available. The process is structured into ten steps. The 10-step approach is designed to supply users with more data and accessible instruments for certain aspects of the NAMA development. Even though this tool helps prepare for the implementation of NAMAs, it is first and foremost a navigation tool, guiding practitioners through the process of developing a NAMA. It is not an instrument for the implementation of NAMAs itself. The tool is related to a two-day training which simulates the process of NAMA development along the ten steps and includes presentations, working groups and a variety of interactive elements."


Nama tool 8 2.pdf


  1.  "NAMA Tool: Steps for moving a NAMA from idea towards implementation"