Multipurpose Acoustic Sensor for Downhole Fluid Monitoring Geothermal Lab Call Project

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Last modified on July 22, 2011.

Project Title Multipurpose Acoustic Sensor for Downhole Fluid Monitoring
Project Type / Topic 1 Laboratory Call for Submission of Applications for Research, Development and Analysis of Geothermal Technologies
Project Type / Topic 2 High-Temperature Downhole Tools
Project Description This project proposes a truly unique and novel sensor design that is based on acoustics and can determine in real-time and in a single sensor package several parameters: temperature, pressure, fluid flow; and fluid properties, such as density, viscosity, fluid composition, etc. A versatile sensor such as this also has practically identical applications in several industries including the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and there are excellent opportunities to partner with such industries as the project progresses. The sensor can also be adapted for use in surface pipes.
State New Mexico
Objectives Develop a multipurpose acoustic sensor for downhole fluid monitoring in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) reservoirs over typical ranges of pressures and temperatures and demonstrate its capabilities and performance for different EGS systems.
Awardees (Company / Institution) Los Alamos National Laboratory

Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-PS36-09GO99017
DOE Funding Level (total award amount) $894,000.00
Total Project Cost $894,000.00

Principal Investigator(s) Cristian Pantea

Targets / Milestones - Identify materials operable at high-temperatures to construct tool.

- Develop sensor model for efficient extraction of multiple fluid properties.
- Define the geometry of the sensor. The most efficient geometry will be tested for best accuracy in fluid properties determination.
- Determine the optimum approach for flow measurements. Including flow-induced vibration and various cross-correlation techniques.
- Investigate the sensitivity and reliability of temperature and pressure measurements.
- Adapt design to existing hot dry rock project tool in a confined geometry.
- Demonstrate proof of concept of the acoustical sensor in laboratory setting.

Location of Project Los Alamos, NM

Funding Source American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
References EERE Geothermal Technologies Programs[1]


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