Montana Watershed Coordination Council

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Montana Watershed Coordination Council is an organization based in Helena, Montana.

MWCC has been cultivating broad-based support for community driven approaches to managing complex land and water issues for over eighteen years as the statewide organization representing each of more than 60 watershed groups.

The MWCC mission is to enhance, conserve, and protect natural resources and sustain the high quality of life in Montana for present and future generations using a collaborative watershed approach.

MWCC expands the capacity and effectiveness of home grown efforts to manage local natural resource issues and concerns through:

  • Promoting effective communication, coordination, networking and support between community-based groups, nonprofit organizations and public agencies to reduce duplicative efforts.
  • Providing mutual assistance through education and training,
  • Creating access to scientific and technical expertise and opportunities for funding and collaboration.
  • Encouraging and supporting citizens to take a voluntary, proactive and collaborative approach to address natural resource issues and concerns.
  • Serving as a statewide coordination network for Montana's communities, watershed groups, natural resource agencies, tribes, private organizations, conservation districts and water quality districts.


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