Mongolia Renewable Energy and Rural Electricity Access Project

From Open Energy Information

The objective of the Renewable Energy and Rural Electricity Access Project is to increase access to electricity and improve reliability of electricity service among the herder population and in off-grid soum centers by: (i) assisting the development of institutions and delivery mechanisms; (ii) facilitating herders' investments in Solar Home Systems (SHSs) and small Wind Turbine Systems WTSs; and (iii)rehabilitating mini grids in selected off-grid soum centers. The proposed project has three components: (a) herders' electricity access which will develop and enhance a rural retail and service network for SHSs and small WTSs and will facilitate the acquisition of at least 50,000 systems by herders over 5 years; (b) soum center electricity service which will develop the institutional and technical capacity for off-grid soum center electricity services and invest in mini grid rehabilitation and renewable or renewable diesel hybrid systems; and (c) institutional capacity building which will strengthen national renewable energy policy development and support project implementation through: (1) assistance in development of a regulatory framework and/or associated subsidiary legislation for grid-connected renewable energy systems; and (a) support for project management, monitoring and evaluation, and assistance in the institutional development of the National Renewable Energy Center (NREC) through training, business planning and work program development.


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