Moldova National Inventory Report - Lessons Learned

From Open Energy Information

"Key Lessons Learned From The Process of Preparing Moldova’s SNC

1. National experts stated that IPCC default Emission Factors (EFs) were sometimes inappropriate for sources highly dependent on local conditions. Active involvement of key stakeholders and relevant organizations made it possible for Moldova to develop local EFs for prioritized key sources;

2. Inventory team learned from the IPCC Good Practice Guidance ’s decision trees to select appropriate methods and EFs for key sources and to document all EFs used in the national GHG inventories;

3. The use of improved activity data, application of national EFs and higher tier methodologies for prioritized key sources can contribute to significant reduction of the uncertainties in GHG inventories;

4. The inventory improvement program developed as part of the SNC serves as an important mechanism for identifying and prioritizing tasks, improving the accuracy and comprehensiveness of emission estimates, as well as for improving the inventory management systems;

5. The QA/QC Plan contributes to the establishment of a thorough national system of quality control, checks, documentation, and rigorous inventory review;

6. Developing a National Inventory Report (NIR) is considered critical for enhancing the sustainability of the inventory process in Moldova. Without a NIR, inventory team and the preparation of national inventories will not be able to build on previous work;

7. Peer review performed by national experts not directly involved within the inventory preparation process is another important mechanism of ensuring the quality of national GHG inventories;

8. The experience gained since 2001 by Moldovan experts in the frame of UNFCCC in-depth inventory reviews of Annex I Parties, offered the opportunity to share the experience with local experts participating in the inventory preparation process. The inventory review exercise is an useful capacity-building exercise and other Non-Annex I Parties should strive to integrate more national experts in the in-depth review process;

9. Regional workshops is one of the best mechanisms for sharing results, experiences and providing training in different aspects of IPCC good practice;

10. Regular contacts with policymakers, data providers and the scientific community are also important for ensuring ongoing support with the national GHG inventory;

11. Awareness-raising campaign carried out in the frame-work of the SNC was focused on the multiple benefits of the inventory, such as improved national resource management, improved mitigation assessments and better planning for national planning."


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