Modern Geothermal Features

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Modern Geothermal Features:
Active geothermal manifestations such as hot springs, fumaroles, steaming ground, mud pots, mud pools, mud volcanoes, or geysers.
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When geothermal systems have conduits available to the surface, they cause surface manifestations (or geothermal features). These features may vary between steam seeps (fumaroles) or pure fluid manifestations (geysers and hot springs) causing spectacular mineral formations (e.g. sinter terraces, tufa mounds). These types of manifestations are clear indications of an underlying geothermal system. Geothermal systems with no modern surface manifestations are referred to as "blind geothermal systems" and require more extensive exploration techniques to discover.

Modern Geothermal Feature Description
Hot Springs Hot springs occur where geothermally heated waters naturally flow out of the surface of the Earth.
Fumaroles Fumaroles typically occur near volcanoes and emit hot steam and gasses from openings in the crust.
Warm or Steaming Ground Warm or steaming ground is often an indicator of a geothermal system beneath the surface.
Mudpots, Mud Pools, or Mud Volcanoes Mud pots, mud pools, and mud volcanoes occur when there is a heat source but a limited amount water causing pools of thick bubbling mud or clay.
Geysers Geysers occur where geothermally heated waters develop pressure near surface conduits. When the pressure passes a certain threshold the water erupts at the surface, often in tall bursts.
Blind Geothermal System An area of geothermal activity with no surface features is referred to as a “blind geothermal system”.

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