Modelling Agricultural Trade and Policy Impacts in Less Developed Countries

From Open Energy Information


"The role of agricultural policies in addressing the development needs of poorer countries is high on the political agenda, for both structural reasons and as a result of recent market developments. In the first place, there is a growing consensus that agriculture has been neglected in national development strategies, and that there is a need for greater investment in the sector, both to achieve immediate poverty reduction and to stimulate broader pro-poor economic development. This is a core message of the World Bank’s latest World Development Report (World Bank, 2008). In the case of Africa, members of the African Union committed in 2003 to allocate at least 10% of their national budgets to agriculture and rural development, while more recently the G8 pledged to provide EUR 1 billion of support for investment in African agriculture. As agricultural development receives greater priority, there is a need to clarify the supporting role that agricultural policies should play."


  1.  "Modelling Ag Policy"