Modeling International Relationships in Applied General Equilibrium (MIRAGE)

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MIRAGE is a multi-sector, multi-country computable general equilibrium model initially devoted to analysis of trade policies, but more recently applied to long-term growth and environmental issues.

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This tool is included in the Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.


In the MIRAGE model, each sector is modeled as a representative firm, which combines value-added and intermediate consumption. The demand side is modeled through a representative consumer from each region that maximizes its utility function under its budget constraint. This unique agent, which includes households and government, saves a part of his income and the rest is spent on commodities. The CEPII is also developing an updated version of the model, called MIRAGE-e, which includes a more detailed description of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as a new baseline scenario at the 2100 horizon.

When to Use This Tool

This tool is most useful for development impacts assessments focused on:

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Learn more about the topics for assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies (LEDS).

Key Outputs

Changes in economic variables such as production, production factor uses, real wages, value added by sector, real gross domestic product, real income, exports, imports, terms of trade.

How to Use This Tool

Training Available
None provided; Computable General Equilibrium (CGE)/economic modeling knowledge recommended

Level of Expertise

Key Inputs

Economic and energy data

Case Studies

Examples of how Modeling International Relationships in Applied General Equilibrium (MIRAGE) has helped people assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies in countries and regions:

No case study on environment/energy is available.

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