Modeling-Computer Simulations (Muffler & Cataldi, 1978)

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Exploration Activity: Modeling-Computer Simulations (Muffler & Cataldi, 1978)

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Exploration Technique Modeling-Computer Simulations
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"In order to provide a basis for improvement of methods of geothermal resource estimation, we have grouped the diverse methods appearing in the literature into four categories: 1. Method of surface heat flux, 2. Volume methods, 3. Planar fracture method, 4. Methods of magmatic head budget. We shall describe each of these categories in turn, deferring evaluation of their respective advantages and limitations to the following section." "As already noted, none of the methods described in this report appears completely satisfactory. In fact, each method requires the knowledge of specific physical factors and geologic conditions, which knowledge is almost always lacking during the a priori evaluation of a given area prior to the establishment of a production history."


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