Modeling-Computer Simulations (Karahanolu, Et Al., 1985)

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Exploration Activity: Modeling-Computer Simulations (Karahanolu, Et Al., 1985)

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Location Unspecified
Exploration Technique Modeling-Computer Simulations
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In the present study, a fully coupled, finite-element model is formulated to simulate the phenomenon of subsidence in hot-water geothermal reservoirs. In the formulation, the concept of simultaneous heat and mass transfer through porous media is combined with that of compaction by utilizing an elasto-plastic constitutive relationship for the rock matrix. The governing differential equations of equilibrium, fluid flow, and energy transfer are written in terms of displacement, pore pressure and temperature. The model disregards the cross-transport phenomena such as the Dufour and Soret effects and assumes the existence of thermal equilibrium between the solid and the liquid phases.


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