Missouri Geological Survey

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Created in 1853, the Missouri Geological Survey (MGS) serves the citizens of Missouri by providing systematic geoscience information to support stewardship of water, land and mineral resources. MGS interprets the state’s geological setting and the availability of its energy and mineral resources for economic development in an environmentally safe manner; assuring mined land is returned to the best possible condition for use after mining is completed. MGS produces geologic maps and provides technical assistance to the citizens of Missouri by evaluating the causes and repercussions of earthquakes, landslide development and sinkhole and mine collapse. Staff ascertain that new water wells are constructed to minimum standards as set by the state regulations. This helps ensure our groundwater resources are protected from contamination due to poor well construction or abandonment of wells. Staff members provide technical oversight for many geologic investigations and issues in the state and is the authority for water quantity issues such as statewide water use and availability, water resources monitoring and planning, drought assessment, flood and hydrology studies, wetland studies and dam and reservoir safety. MGS works closely with university, government, industry and community partners to ensure response to the diverse needs of Missouri.