Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources works to integrate and sustain the interdependent values of a healthy environment, a sustainable economy, and livable communities. MNDNR’s integrated resource management strategy shares stewardship responsibility with citizens and partners to manage for multiple interests. MNDNR protects the state’s natural heritage by conserving the diversity of natural lands, waters, and fish and wildlife that provide the foundation for Minnesota’s recreational and natural resource-based economy. MNDNR manages natural lands such as forests, wetlands, and native prairies; maintains healthy populations of fish and wildlife; and protects rare plant and animal communities throughout the state. MNDNR manages the state’s water resources, sustaining healthy waterways and ground water resources. MNDNR provides access to enrich public outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hunting, fishing, wildlife-watching, camping, skiing, hiking, biking, motorized recreation, and conservation education through a state outdoor recreation system that includes parks, trails, wildlife management areas, scientific and natural areas, water trails, and other facilities. MNDNR supports natural resource-based economies, managing state forest lands for multiple forest values, ensuring the maximum long-term economic return from school trust lands, and providing other economic opportunities in a manner consistent with sound natural resource conservation and management principles.


Hydropower Projects Planner


Region 1 (Northwest) & 4 (Southern) Minnesota - Regional Operations Supervisor


Region 2 (Northeast) & 3 (Central) Minnesota - Regional Operations Supervisor