Microfractures in rocks from two geothermal areas

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Journal Article: Microfractures in rocks from two geothermal areas

Core samples from the Dunes, California, and Raft River, Idaho, geothermal areas show diagenesis superimposed on episodic fracturing and fracture sealing. The minerals that fill fractures show significant temporal variations. Sealed fractures can act as barriers to fluid flow. Sealed fractures often mark boundaries between regions of significantly different physical properties. The fracture porosities measured on several samples are less than 0.1%. This low value indicates that fractures are effectively sealed or that fracturing is confined to the relatively few large fractures visible within the samples. Fracture sealing and low fracture porosity imply that only the most recently formed fractures are open to fluids.

Michael L. Batzle; Gene Simmons  

Published Journal 
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 1/1/1976



Michael L. Batzle; Gene Simmons  . 1/1/1976. Microfractures in rocks from two geothermal areas. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. (!) .

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