MicroRequestBased Aggregation, Forecasting and Scheduling of Energy Demand, Supply and Distribution (MIRACLE) (Smart Grid Project) (Portugal)

From Open Energy Information


The project's main goal is to develop a concept for flexoffers that specify electricity demand and supply which is flexible in time and amount and an infrastructural approach to process lots of these flexoffers issued by small consumers and producers in near realtime. The possibility to shift demand within the mass of households developed within the MIRACLE project will allow for a higher share of fluctuating renewable energy sources in the energy mix on the grid and reduce the peak demand. We expect that the share of RES can be increased by 5% and that the peak demand can be reduced by 89% (but at least by 5%) for the total grid. We will furthermore reduce the mean time between transactions, which will result in more stability of the energy grid but also in reduction of costs of BRPs, by reducing the difference between their planned and actual electricity schedules.


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