Michael Tyson's Punch House

From Open Energy Information

A game to compare your Green Button data against a similar house. Please note: this is a hackathon-generated application or tool, so this application is in alpha stage and does not represent a finished product.

Green Button data driven bouts shall ensue!

Engaging the average apartment-dweller or homeowner to look at their utility consumption is a challenging task. There are numerous websites that will show them graphs, but most people don't find this particularly compelling.

We've created a first-cut at using the Green Button data to create an arcade game, so that individuals can compete against each other. In its current state, the game allows people to compete with numerous randomly selected opponents, and to have re-matches on future days. If you reduce your energy consumption today, it will affect your gameplay tomorrow, and you may move up on the Leaderboard.

We use Zillow to determine the size of all of the buildings, which lets us put them into categories, akin to weight classes in an actual boxing match. This makes sure that we don't have studio apartments competing agains mansions.