Mexico-GTZ Sustainable Energy Programme

From Open Energy Information

GTZ is working with Mexico with the following objective:"The conditions for improving energy efficiency and expanding the use of renewable energy resources are improved."


"In April 2009, development cooperation with Mexico in the energy sector entered a new phase. Along with GTZ (technical cooperation), KfW (financial cooperation) is now also active in this sector in Mexico. Their activities are being supplemented by projects supported by Inwent and DAAD and by CIM's Integrated Experts Programme. More themes have also been added. The programme ties into the ‘Promotion of Renewable Energy’ project implemented by GTZ on behalf of BMZ between April 2005 and March 2009, and now covers both renewable energy resources and energy efficiency. In the future, climate protection will constitute a cross-cutting issue in cooperation with Mexico.

Within the programme, GTZ assumes the role of a sectoral and technical advisor, backstops processes of policy and institutional change, offers training measures and promotes the national, regional and international transfer of know-how. In doing so, it cooperates mainly with key public players on the federal level. Cooperation with the private sector in the form of public-private partnership also plays an important role. Methodologically, the programme is designed to provide an impetus for a significant increase in energy efficiency and for the broad-scale use of renewable energy resources. This requires fulfilment of the following three prerequisites, as reflected by the programme's lines of action:

  • creation of favourable legal conditions, e.g., quality standards for biofuels
  • design and implementation of promotion and dissemination programmes, e.g., for solar collectors, combined heat and power generation and power utility companies
  • strengthening of public and private actors, e.g., by personnel-development training for solar technology experts"

Further information can be accessed at the project website.


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