Mexico-GTZ Support for the Programme to Promote Solar Water Heating

From Open Energy Information

GTZ is working with Mexico on this project with the following objective: "There are an increased number of solar collectors to heat water in Mexico. Plumbers and technicians are adequately trained, and the population has been informed."


"GTZ Mexico is working with the Mexican representative of the international copper association (PROCOBRE) to facilitate the Programme to Promote Solar Water Heating, and to provide technical and conceptual advice. GTZ is chiefly working on improving the legislative and regulatory environment and on developing quality standards and a special quality seal. It is also giving its support to information and public awareness campaigns. To guarantee the high-quality of installations, GTZ Mexico is also committed to improving and expanding training courses, for instance, by identifying training institutions and certification mechanisms for plumbers, by developing training courses and materials, and by producing a general installation handbook. PROCOBRE itself is responsible for conducting training seminars for plumbers and technicians as well as courses intended to enhance the supply side. Moreover, the copper association is developing voluntary standards for solar thermal energy systems and their installation as well as designing a website on solar thermal energy in the residential sector."

Results achieved so far

"The legal environment, especially the quality standards, has improved and the high-quality of installation has been ensured through the creation of the relevant training courses. Moreover, the surface-area of newly installed solar collectors is growing each year and the population is becoming aware of the issues of solar thermal energy and renewable energies."

Further information can be accessed at the project website.


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