Mexico-Country Note on Climate Change Aspects in Agriculture

From Open Energy Information


"Mexico is the only developing country to have submitted three national communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), indicating strong commitment by the government for addressing climate change across sectors. Agriculture contributes little, in relative terms, to total GHG emissions and the emission reduction potential in the sector is small and primarily focused on methane reduction, though more diversified carbon trading opportunities can be pursued. Agriculture is highly vulnerable to weather extremes, in particular in the Northern parts of the country, where water scarcity is an issue, or the Southern parts of the country, where tropical storms cause extensive damage to crop and livestock production. Reducing vulnerability to climate change is of utmost importance in the agricultural sector in Mexico, considering the role the sector plays in food security and livelihoods of rural populations."


  1.  "Mexico-Country Note on Climate Change Aspects in Agriculture"