Methodology for Determining Geothermal Potential

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Conference Paper: Methodology for Determining Geothermal Potential

There are different ways to define geothermal potential. At its simplest, geothermal potential is the yearly amount of recoverable geothermal energy. Another more specific definition limits geothermal potential to the recoverable energy produced by existing facilities operating continuously during a year. Yet another definition views geothermal potential as the thermal power which could be produced from the proven resources of a given region if the necessary wells and surface facilities exist. This definition is based on proven resources and an operation's assumed lifetime, which means that the range of potential geothermal output could differ through time by several orders of magnitude. Finally, one can define geothermal potential as the amount of geothermal output likely to be consumed by an operation's proven geothermal resources. All these definitions are illustrated by examples taken from Hungarian geothermal operations.

Elemer Bobok, Aniko N. Toth, Peter Szucs and Zoltan Fejes

39th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering; Stanford, CA; 2014/02/24

Stanford University, Stanford Geothermal Program, 2014

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Elemer Bobok, Aniko N. Toth, Peter Szucs, Zoltan Fejes. 2014. Methodology for Determining Geothermal Potential. In: Proceedings. 39th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering; 2014/02/24; Stanford, CA. Stanford, CA: Stanford University, Stanford Geothermal Program; p. SGP-TR-202