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Large multi-state transmission siting projects benefit from collaboration between all government entities involved. This collaboration often requires the development of an MOU, which can be a time-consuming process and may be considered a barrier in the current transmission siting processes in place. The MOU library contains appropriate example MOUs for various levels of government interaction (e.g., federal-to-state, state-to-state, state-to-local, and state-to-tribe) and best practices for development of MOU documents.

MOU Examples:

  • Cascade Crossing Transmission Project (2012)
  • MOU between BLM and Nevada State Office of Energy Regarding Development of Renewable Energy and Transmission (2011)
  • 9-Federal Agency MOU Regarding Coordination in Federal Agency Review of Electric Transmission Facilities on Federal Land (2009)
  • MOU among the Governors of California, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming Concerning Electric Transmission Development (2005)

Downloadable MOU Template including sample sections for:

  • Lead Agency Designation
  • Dispute Resolution Process
  • Identification of Points-of-Contact

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