Measurement And Interpretation Of Terrestrial Heat Flow In Israel

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Journal Article: Measurement And Interpretation Of Terrestrial Heat Flow In Israel

Sixty-eight new determinations of terrestrial heat flow in Israel have a range of 0.17-11.07 μcal/cm2s. The average value of deep conductive heat flow in the undisturbed complex of the Arabo-Nubian Massif is 0·94 μcal/cm2s; it is least affected by circulation of groundwater. This value is only slightly higher than the heat flow of 0·88 μcal/cm2s in the Levantine Basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Several values that exceed 2·0 μcal/cm2s are due either to (probable) deep hydrothermal activity or to small domal structures of the basement. Within the sedimentary sequence which blankets the crystalline massif, terrestrial heat flow is often redistributed by circulating groundwater. Recharge regions, particularly Judean-Samarian Galilee, where cool meteoric waters percolate into the subsurface have anomalously low heat flow, ranging from 0·17 to about 1·0 μcal/cm2s. Part of the original deep thermal flux in those regions is intercepted at moderate depths by the recharge flow, and is carried into deeper aquifers of the Foothills, Coastal Plain, or the Jordan-Dead Sea Rift. Movement of groundwater occurs mainly along faults. Deep faults associated with the Jordan-Dead Sea Rift system act as conduits for hot waters ascending from deep confined aquifers. The most tangible surface expression of the convective hydrothermal system are the numerous warm to hot springs, emerging along the margins of the Rift. However, the waters emerging on the surface as the warm and hot springs are a minor fraction of the convective system. Most of the ascending thermal waters are absorbed by shallow aquifers with lower hydraulic potential. Such regions are characterized by anomalously high heat flow; several values exceed 2 and one value is 11 μcal/cm2s.

Yoram Eckstein and Gene Simmonsi

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1977

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Yoram Eckstein,Gene Simmonsi. 1977. Measurement And Interpretation Of Terrestrial Heat Flow In Israel. Geothermics. (!) .