Maritime Electric - Net Metering (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

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Place Prince Edward Island, Canada

Applies to Utility Maritime Electric

Name Maritime Electric - Net Metering (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
Policy Category Financial Incentive
Policy Type Net Metering
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas, Concentrating Solar Power, Geothermal Electric, Hydroelectric, Hydroelectric (Small), Solar Photovoltaics, Wind energy
Active Policy Yes
Implementing Sector Utility

Start Date 12/2005

Program Administrator Maritime Electric
Primary Website
Applicable Jurisdiction All of Prince Edward Island

Last Review 2014-09-15

Information Source Prince Edward Island Renewable Energy Act:

Maritime Electric Net Metering brochure:


In December 2005 The Renewable Energy Act and associated Regulations came into effect. A Government policy objective incorporated in the Act was the introduction of net metering for small capacity renewable energy generators up to 100 kW in size.

Net Metering service is available to all MECL customers who are served from the distribution system and are billed under one of the metered service rates, and who install a renewable energy generator of less than 100 kW capacity, which meets the requirements of the Renewable Energy Act. For an account to be eligible for Net Metering service, the customer’s renewable energy generator must be connected on the customer’s side of the meter. Net Metering is not applicable for un-metered services.

The utility is required to compensate the customer for kWh supplied to its system at the same cents per kWh rate that it charges for kWh delivered to the customer. For a Residential customer this rate is approximately 12 cents per kWh. The utility is required to pay for the extra costs associated with the customer having two meters.

Policy Contact

Department Maritime Electric
Division Customer Service
Address Island Customer Service Centre
Address 2 180 Kent St.
Place Charlottetown, PEI
Zip/Postal Code C1A 7N2
Phone 1-800-670-1012
Fax 1-902-629-3630