Marginal Abatement Cost Tool (MACTool)

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The MACTool is an Excel-based, flexible software tool which provides an easy way for building marginal abatement cost curves, and for calculating break-even carbon prices, from the city to the national level.

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This tool is included in the Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.


The MACTool builds a reference scenario and low carbon scenarios for each low-carbon option input by the user. Based on user-entered data, the model builds marginal abatement cost curves and calculates break-even carbon prices. The model provides cost-benefit analyses of emission reduction options and estimates incentives needed to shift toward low-carbon growth. The model also determines which economic sectors would be likely to respond to a given carbon price, thus assessing the effectiveness of a cap-and-trade system.

When to Use This Tool

This tool is most useful for development impacts assessments focused on:

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Learn more about the topics for assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies (LEDS).

Key Outputs

Given a set of mitigation options, it calculates their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, potential results and costs.

How to Use This Tool

Training Available
MACTool comes with embedded videos providing users with step-by-step guidance. ESMAP provides training and varying levels of operational and technical support to teams using MACTool.

Level of Expertise

Key Inputs

Investment costs, mitigation options, potential of the mitigation options.

Case Studies

Examples of how Marginal Abatement Cost Tool (MACTool) has helped people assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies in countries and regions:

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