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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Wavebob
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/ADM 4
MHK Projects/ADM 3
MHK Projects/ADM 5
MHK Projects/WEC 1
Technology Resource
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Technology Type
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Point Absorber
Technology Readiness Level
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TRL 5/6: System Integration and Technology Laboratory Demonstration
Technology Description The Wavebob is an axi-symmetric, self-reacting point absorber, primarily operating in the heave mode. It is specifically designed to recover useful power from ocean wave energy and to be deployed in large arrays offshore. Unlike all other self-reacting heaving buoys, the WaveBob's natural frequency may be set to match the typical ocean swell (Atlantic 10m, or Pacific 15m), facilitating good energy absorption. It can ride very large waves and still recover useful power. The WaveBob typically carries three or four motor-alternator sets, all or some of which may be entrained, depending on incident wave energy. Built-in redundancy facilitates remote switching and high availability when weather conditions might preclude maintenance visits.

Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 75
Width (m) 20
Height (m) 8
Freeboard (m) 8

Device Testing
Scale Test •Yes Wavebob development is underpinned by continuous modeling and simulation activity and extensive laboratory testing at multiple scales 1 75th 1 40th 1 17th
Lab Test •Yes but not all sub systems at scale described above

Date Submitted 10/8/2010

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