MHK Technologies/Wave Energy Propulsion

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The present device concerns an engine of Navigation. Navigating on a sea, lake, ocean or any water surface shaken by waves, undulations, streams, etc. The device according to the invention, aims at supplying a means of Navigation appropriate (clean), easy to use; it can be an additional means of navigation. The device according to this invention allows navigation. By converting the kinetic energy of movements, the oscillations, right-left an/or front-back or high /down to a uni-directional one-way horizontal push. These energies are free, renewable but still undeveloped yet in navigations . They have an uncomfortable incidence.(sea sickness) This device doing the conversion, a part of the oscillations. (Friction, Vertical Level variations), to a (one-way) horizontal push. In fact, any variation of the boat level is attenuated and converted to a one-way horizontal push. This device converting the bi-directional potential energy (up/down), to a horizontal kinetic energy (one-way) push ....Boat |Technology Name=[ Kneider's Wave Energy Propulssion] |Designed to Operate with Shore Connection=Yes }}