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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Offshore Islands Ltd

Technology Description The Wave Catcher can be orientated to take advantage of the most numerous prevailing waves to generate power It is a long surface buoy cylinder that is lifted by each passing wave As the cylinder is lifted it pulls on its anchor lines which in turn pulls on a support pulley This support pulley turns the generator s rotor and flywheel The generator s flywheel keeps the rotor turning until the next wave lifts up the cylinder and the anchor line once again turns the pulley The cylinder will also be lifted by waves from all directions As a result the anchor cables at each end of the buoy may either pull together or at slightly different times The gears the pulleys the rotor and flywheel are turned when the anchor cable s tension is high The uni direction pulley s re coil spring re winds the anchor cable back around the pulley when the buoy moves down with the trough of the wave and the anchor cable tension is low The wave generator can be in a surface buoy or mounted sub

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 14:55.6

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