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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Wave Energy Technology New Zealand WET NZ
Technology Resource
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Technology Description The WET NZ device is planned to have a modular generation capability of up to 500 kW with onboard controls that will be able to accurately forecast incoming waves and adjust the response to changing wave patterns The device will be largely sub surface so that as much of the device as possible interacts directly with the wave energy

Technology Dimensions
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 0 5 MW at full scale
Device Testing
Scale Test •Two 1 4 scale prototype devices have been successfully tested in open ocean conditions during deployments of up to 163 continuous days A 1 2 scale device is currently undergoing offshore tests at Akaroa New Zealand In early 2012 it will be transported to Wellington where it will be deployed for at least two years at Moa Point A second 1 2 scale device is scheduled to be designed and fabricated in 2012 based on the results of the first and will be deployed off the coast of Oregon US
Lab Test •Wave tank tests have been carried out in Oregon State University s wave basin October 2011

Date Submitted 11:15.2

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