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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Wave Energy Technologies Inc
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/Sandy Cove
Technology Resource
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Technology Type
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Point Absorber
Technology Readiness Level
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TRL 5/6: System Integration and Technology Laboratory Demonstration
Technology Description The EnGen point absorber, which features 'Smart Float' technology that allows the device to travel along a rigid spar at an incline of 45 degrees. The spar is moored at a single point of contact which allows the device to be fully compliant on all three axes (pitch, roll and yaw).

Mooring Configuration Proprietary
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions The WET EnGen is scalable and the Company believes that owing to its higher energy conversion efficiency the device can operate in a wave climate with as little as 15 kW meter of wave resource Using the reaction mass mooring concept the device can be deployed in various water depths
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 9.6
Width (m) 12.8
Height (m) 9.6
Freeboard (m) 1.6
Draft (m) 8
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) The proposed demonstration project contemplates a 200kW device
Device Testing
Relevant Technical Publications •Model Test of Wave Energy Technologies Moored Floating WET EnGen: Regular and Irregular Waves. TR-2009-13, Fraser Winsor and Emile Baddour, June 2009.

Date Submitted 10/8/2010

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