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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Vert Labs LLP

Technology Description Vert Network is 1st cost effective wave power system that brings profit with the current level of pricing for renewable electricity The technology of Vert Network is based on an array of plastic floats that produce compressed air from the torque that is created from levers attached to the floats The compressed air is then sent to the shore by rubber pipe which is significantly cheaper and easier to maintain than underwater copper cables Consequently the generation is done on land using a standard turbine generator rather than requiring highly bespoke and overly robust generation devices which have to be specially designed for the marine environment and require specialist skills to maintain The marine based device is therefore made entirely from plastic carbon fibre and rubber so all the components are made from standard materials using mouldings and can be produced very cheaply VERT Labs estimates show that it can provide electricity at about 0 10 kWh When VERT Labs reache

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 26:23.7

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