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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Uppsala University Division for Electricity
Technology Resource
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Technology Description The system consists of a linear permanent magnet synchronous generator located on the sea floor The generator is connected directly via a line to a buoy on the surface There are no intermediate energy conversion steps thus the generator motion is the same as the buoy motion Several generators 3 today are connected to a marine substation where the voltage is converted to grid frequency transformed to higher voltage and transmitted to shore All electrical cables throughout the system are fixed i e there are no motions that subject the cables to bending moments

Mooring Configuration Gravity base
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Approximatelly a significant wave height of 2m and energy period of 6s
Technology Dimensions
Width (m) 4.6
Height (m) 7
Freeboard (m) 0.5
Draft (m) 0.5

Device Testing
Lab Test •A generator was built and tested in the division laboratory
Full-Scale Test •One wave energy converter has been installed off the Swedish west coast since march 2006 The generated electricity has been transmitted to a measuring station on shore Before 2009 the first generator had been operated during three time periods from which we have accumulated force measurements and over 13 months of electricity production data A few months ago another two were installed and all three were connected to a marine substation and at 1kV and 50Hz the electricity is being transmitted to a dump load at a measuring station on shore Grid connection is scheduled for next year

Date Submitted 05:17.7

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